Australian Entertainment & Media Outlook


The Australian Entertainment and Media Outlook: 2006 - 2010 provides analysis of the unique social, technological, economic, political and regulatory drivers which influence consumer spending and advertising across the 11 segments of Australia's entertainment and media sector reported in order to forecast revenues during the coming five years.

During the past year convergence has moved from being a buzzword to a part of the everyday lives of many Australians. Legitimate music downloads to MP3 players, news and video viewed on mobile phones, interactive games networked so that gamers from around the world match up against each other, feature films downloaded over the internet, digital video recorders, podcasts, blogging and social networking are all examples of this brave, new convergent world. Convergence is facilitated by broadband internet and while Australia lags behind many other countries in terms of speed and household penetration, we are beginning to make up ground.

The Australian Outlook covers convergence as well as the following industry segments:

Filmed entertainment
Free-to-air television
Subscription television
Recorded Music
Interactive Games

Audience & distribution: For E&M executives and analysts in the Asia-Pacific region.

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