Australia's Seven takes 'Kitchen' format

Gritty Canadian reality TV series featuring ex-cons

TORONTO – Canadian indie producer Cineflix Productions' latest international format sale is no con job.

Australia's Seven Network has acquired the format rights to Cineflix's gritty Canadian reality TV series "Conviction Kitchen," where ex-criminals endure a culinary boot-camp to become restaurant cooks and waiters.

The deal by distribution arm Cineflix International for the food TV format will see local Brisbane ex-cons mentored by no-nonsense celebrity chef Ian Curley, according to Australian media reports.

Montreal-based indie producer Cineflix Productions is currently shooting the second season of the original "Conviction Kitchen" series in Vancouver, with Toronto chef Marc Thuet and wife Biana Zorich back instructing paroled ex-cons on kitchen and dining room duty.

The Canuck version of "Conviction Kitchen" differs from most reality TV series in that no one is voted off the show at the end of each episode.

The participants instead emerge from the gritty TV series on the road to personal rehabilitation and a professional career in the food industry.

The series' second season, executive produced by Simon Lloyd of Toronto-based Cineflix, has been picked up by Rogers's Citytv stations in Canada and Planet Green stateside.
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