Austria Production Companies Demand Internet Providers Block Piracy Sites

The Pirate Bay

Austrian Internet providers have been given until the end of the week to block access to popular file-sharing sites, including The Pirate Bay and Movie4K.

A group of Austrian producers has called on the country's Internet providers to block access to file-sharing sites, including The Pirate Bay, which they say are facilitating widespread copyright piracy.

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On behalf of local film companies Allegro Film, Wega Film and Epo Film, Austrian antipiracy outfit VAP is demanding local ISPs enforce a ruling by the Austrian Supreme Court, recently upheld by the European Court of Justice, that says Internet providers can be forced to block access to infringing sites.

The case stemmed from action against, Germany's largest illegal streaming portal, which was shut down in a dramatic police raid in 2011.

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VAP has given Austrian ISPs until Friday (August 1) to block access to three of the most popular file-sharing sites: The Pirate Bay, Movie4K and's successor,

However, Austrian Internet companies say the deadline is too tight, and there are still too many unanswered questions regarding the procedure for blocking suspicious sites.

The Association of Internet Service Providers Austria (ISPA) said as it currently stands, rights holders do not have to provide any proof of damages before demanding a site be blocked.

The VAP and the ISPA are set to meet later this week to discuss the issue.

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