'Avatar 3D' in Imax passes $200 mil mark

Blockbuster's weekend take was $8.2 million

TORONTO -- James Cameron's "Avatar 3D" this weekend passed the $200 million boxoffice mark on Imax screens worldwide.

Toronto-based Imax said the 3D epic grossed another $4.3 million from 179 Imax theaters domestically during its 10th weekend.

And internationally, "Avatar 3D" grossed $3.9 million from 84 Imax theaters.

The $8.2 million weekend take brought the global total for "Avatar" on Imax screens through February 21 to over $200 million, the company reported.

The blockbuster movie has also pulled in about $43 million from 38 Imax screens in the Asia/Pacific market.

The Europe, Middle East and Africa regions have drawn another $32 million from 35 Imax screens that are unspooling "Avatar."

"The combination of James Cameron's revolutionary film and the enhanced image and sound of the Imax Experience has clearly resonated with Avatar fans around the world," Greg Foster, chairman and president of Imax Filmed Entertainment said in a statement.
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