'Avatar' breaks record at Korean b.o.

James Cameron film grosses more than 100 bil won

SEOUL -- "Avatar" ticket sales broke 100 billion won ($85.4 million), the first film ever to do so at the Korean boxoffice. James Cameron's latest film has sold 12.67 million tickets on 446 screens as of Sunday, earning 1.256 trillion won.

The film topped the local boxoffice for seven weeks in a row, according to the Korean Film Council, although the film's weekend boxoffice shows that its market share is slowly dropping.

"Harmony," a Korean film about a choir made up of female prisoners starring Yunjin Kim ("Lost") came in second, selling 598,153 admissions since opening Thursday. "Le Grand Chef: Kimchi War," a new Korean film about genius chefs, sold 204,384 tickets, followed by "The Taoist Wizard," another local blockbuster from the director Choi Dong-hun who shot "Tazza: The High Rollers."

Choi's latest feature sold 186,598 tickets over the weekend and 5.87 million tickets in total.

"Attack the Gas Station 2," the sequel of a 1999 comedy action, sold 131,990 tickets, and 641,778 admissions since opening last month. "Le Petite Nicolas," a French film based on a well-known children's book, sold 87,900 tickets on 200 nationwide screens over the weekend, attracting 600,411 admissions in total since opening.
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