'Avatar' leads Visual Effects Society noms

Nominees include '9,' 'Coraline,' 'Sherlock Holmes'

James Cameron's "Avatar" led the list of nominations announced Monday by the Visual Effects Society, scooping up 11.

The animated "Coraline," another movie released in 3D, followed with four nominations.

New Zealand-based Weta Digital, which worked on "Avatar," led the company noms with nine.

For visual effects in an effects-driven motion picture feature, the nominees are "2012," "Avatar," "District 9," "Star Trek" and "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen."

Noms for supporting visual effects in a movie went to "Angels & Demons," "The Box," "Invictus," "The Road" and "Sherlock Holmes."

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"9," "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs," "Coraline," "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" and "Up" were nominated for outstanding animation in an animated feature.

VES noms in 20 categories, covering film, animation, TV, commercials and video games were chosen Saturday by blue-ribbon panels of VES members, meeting in Burbank, San Francisco and London.

The eighth annual VES Awards will be handed out on Feb. 28 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles.

As previously announced, Cameron will be honored with the VES Lifetime Achievement Award, and Pixar's Ed Catmull with the Georges Melies Award for pioneering.

The complete list of nominees is available on the next page.

The complete list of nominees:

Visual effects in a visual effects driven feature motion picture

Volker Engel, visual effects supervisor
Josh Jaggars, visual effects producer
Marc Weigert, visual effects supervisor

Richard Baneham, animation supervisor
Joyce Cox, VFX producer
Joe Letteri, senior visual effects supervisor
Eileen Moran, overall VFX producer

"District 9"
Stefanie Boose, VFX producer
Dan Kaufman, VFX supervisor
Peter Muyzers, on-set VFX plate supervisor
James Stewart, creature supervisor

"Star Trek"
Burt Dalton, special effects supervisor
Russell Earl, visual effects supervisor
Roger Guyett, visual effects supervisor
Shari Hanson, visual effects producer

"Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"
Scott Benza, Animation Director
Wayne Billheimer, visual effects producer
Scott Farrar, visual effects supervisor
John Frazier, special effects supervisor

Supporting visual effects in a feature motion picture

"Angels & Demons"
Angus Bickerton, VFX supervisor
Mark Breakspear, VFX supervisor
Ryan Cook, VFX supervisor
Barrie Hemsley, VFX producer

"The Box"
Peter Cvijanovic, compositing supervisor
Mark Kolpak, visual effects producer
Olcun Tan, digital effects supervisor
Thomas Tannenberger, visual effects supervisor

Geoff Hancock, VFX supervisor
Dennis Hoffman, head of poroduction
Cyndi Ochs, VFX producer
Michael Owens, VFX supervisor

"The Road"
Mark O. Forker, VFX supervisor
Paul Graff, VFX supervisor - crazy horse effects
Ed Mendez, compositing supervisor
Phillip Moses, VFX producer

"Sherlock Holmes"
Dan Barrow, VFX producer
Jonathan Fawkner, VFX supervisor
Chas Jarrett, VFX supervisor
David Vickery, VFX supervisor

Animation in an animated feature motion picture

Ken Duncan, animation supervisor
Jinko Gotoh, co-producer
Daryl Graham, supervising animator
Joe Ksander, animation director

"Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs"
Mike Ford, CG supervisor
Chris Juen, co-producer
Alan Hawkins, supervising animator
Pete Nash, animation director

Claire Jennings, animation producer
Henry Selick, animation director

"Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs"
Galen Chu, supervising animator
Jeff Gabor, senior animator
Anthony Nisi, animation production supervisor
Melvin Tan, senior animator

Gary Bruins, effects supervisor
Pete Docter, director
Steve May, supervising technical director
Jonas Rivera, producer

Visual effects in a broadcast miniseries, movie or a special

"Alice" (Night 2)
Sebastien Bergeron, DFX supervisor
Les Quinn, CG supervisor
Lisa Sepp-Wilson, VFX producer
Lee Wilson, VFX supervisor

"Ben 10: Alien Swarm" (Montage)
Evan Jacobs, visual effects supervisor
Sean McPherson, visual effects supervisor
Andrew Orloff, visual effects supervisor

"Disney Prep and Landing" (Gadgets, Globes, and Other Garish Gizmos)
David Hutchins, EFX animator
Scott Kersavage, VFX supervisor
Dorothy McKim, VFX producer
Kee Suong, EFX animator

Dan DeEntremont, animator
PJ Foley, VFX producer
James May, technical director
Efram Potelle, VFX supervisor

Sara Bennett, compositing supervisor
Jean-Claude Deguara, senior animation supervisor
David Houghton, visual effects supervisor
Jenna Powell, visual effects producer

Visual effects in a broadcast series

"Battlestar Galactica," "Daybreak"
Michael Gibson, VFX producer
Gary Hutzel, VFX supervisor
Dave Morton, CGI artist
Jesse Toves, CGI artist

"Defying Gravity," "Pilot"
Dale Fay, VFX supervisor
Jared Jones, lead compositor
Sam Nicholson, VFX producer
Mike Yip, 3D lead artist

"Fringe," "Earthling"
Robert Habros, VFX supervisor
Eric Hance, visual effects artist
Andrew Orlaff, VFX supervisor
Jay Worth, VFX supervisor/producer

"Stargate Universe," "Air"
Shannon Gurney, VFX producer
Andrew Karr, CGI supervisor
Mark Savela, VFX supervisor
Craig Vandenbiggelaar, digital effects supervisor

"V," "Pilot"
Johnathan R. Banta, lead compositor
Karen Czukerberg, VFX producer
Andrew Orloff, VFX supervisor
Chris Zapara, VFX supervisor

Supporting visual effects in a broadcast program

"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," "Opening Sequence"
Sabrina Arnold, VFX producer
Steve Meyer, compositor
Rik Shorten, VFX supervisor
Derek Smith, compositor

"Flash Forward," "No More Good Days"
Kevin Blank, visual effects supervisor
Andrew Orloff, VFX producer
Steve Meyer, 2D supervisor
Jonathan Spencer Levy, facility VFX supervisor

"Kings," "Goliath"
Ron Moore, VFX producer
Brian Vogt, lead lighting TD
Craig Weiss, VFX supervisor
Niel Wray, CG supervisor

"Krupp-Eine Deutsche Familie," "Krupp"
Thomas Tannenberger, visual effects supervisor
Olcun Tan, digital effects supervisor
Mark Kolpak, visual effects producer
Shane Cook, compositing supervisor

"Lost," "The Incident Part 1 & 2"
Eric Hance, supervising artist
Samantha Mabie-Tuinstra, visual effects producer
Sean Scott, character animator
Mitch Suskin, visual effects supervisor

Best single visual effect of the year

"2012," "Escape From L.A."
Volker Engel, visual effects supervisor
Josh R. Jaggars, visual effects producer
Mohen Leo, visual effects supervisor
Marc Weigert, visual effects supervisor

"Avatar," "Quarich's Escape"
Jill Brooks, visual effects producer
John Knoll, visual effects supervisor
Frank Losasso Petterson, simulation technical director
Tory Mercer, compositor

"Avatar," "Neytiri Drinking"
Thelvin Cabezas, lighting technical director
Joyce Cox, VFX producer
Joe Letteri, senior visual effects supervisor
Eileen Moran, overall VFX producer

"Knowing," "Plane Crash"
Dan Breckwoldt, lead compositor
Camille Cellucci, VFX producer
Andrew Jackson, VFX supervisor
Angelo Sahin, special effects supervisor

"Terminator Salvation," "VLA Escape"
Chantal Feghali, studio producer
Charles Gibson, studio visual effects supervisor
Susan Greenhow, visual effects producer
Ben Snow, visual effects supervisor

Visual effects in a commercial

"AMF," "The Caterpillar"
Asher Edwards, VFX producer
Jamie O'Hara, lead character modeller
Becky Porter, lead compositor
Robert Sethi, VFX supervisor

"Audi," Intelligently Combined"
Jay Barton, visual effects supervisor
Rafael F. Colon, Sr. compositor
Chris Fieldhouse, visual effects producer
Ronald Herbst, CG supervisor

"Kerry Lowlow," "Mouse"
Ashley Bernes, effects TD
Louisa Cartwright Tucker, VFX producer
Jake Mengers, VFX supervisor
Stephen Newbold, VFX supervisor

"Pepsi," "The Flight of the Penguin"
Murray Butler, VFX supervisor/lead flame
Jenn Dewey, senior VFX producer
Seth Gollub, animation lead
Andy Walker, VFX supervisor, technical lead

"Plane Stupid," "Polar Bears"
Scott Griffin, VFX producer
Suzanne Jandu, compositor
Jake Mengers, VFX supervisor
Vicky Osborn, CG artist

Visual effects in a special venue project

"Beyond All Boundaries," "Multi-plane Visual Effects"
Susan Beth Smith, visual effects producer
Cedar Conner, lead compositor
Daren Ulmer, visual effects supervisor

"Dance of the Dragons," "Eastern"
Derry Frost, VFX supervisor
Michael Morreale, VFX producer

Real-time visuals in a video game

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2," "Gulag Extraction"
Robert Gaines, lead visual effects artist
David Johnson, visual effects artist
Richard Kriegler, art director
Mark Rubin, producer

"Fight Night Round 4," "Gameplay"
Jeff Atienza, producer
Jenny Freeman, art director
Ben Ross, lead character artist
Frank Vitz, CG supervisor

"Need for Speed Shift," "World Sequence"
Robert Dibley, lead rendering software engineer
Dave Flynn, development director - world
Andreas Moll, art director
Sven Moll, art director

"Uncharted 2: Among Theives"
Christophe Balestra, technical lead
Evan Wells, game producer

Visual effects in a video game trailer

"DJ Hero"
Diarmid Harrison-Murray, VFX supervisor
Sarah Hiddlestone, senior CG producer
Jamie Jackson, game producer
Marco Puig, art director

"Halo 3: ODST," "The Life"
Ryan Meredith, VFX producer
Robert Moggach, VFX supervisor
Michael Pardee, executive producer
Jens Zalzala, CG supervisor

"Mass Effect 2"
Tim Miller, VFX producer
Brandon Riza, VFX supervisor

"Star Wars: The Old Republic"
Tim Miller, VFX producer
Brandon Riza, VFX supervisor

Animated character in a live-action feature motion picture

"Avatar," "Neytiri"
Andrew R. Jones, animation director
Joe Letteri, senior visual effects supervisor
Zoe Saldana, actress
Jeff Unay, facial lead

"District 9," "Christopher Johnson"
Brett Ineson, motion capture supervisor
Jeremy Mesana, animation lead
Steve Nichols, animation supervisor
Vera Zivny, senior VFX coordinator

"G-Force," "Bucky"
Benjamin Cinelli, senior character animator
Peter Tieryas, character set-up technical director
Dustin Wicke, lead cloth and hair
Ryan Yee, animator

"Watchmen," "Doctor Manhattan"
Aaron Campbell, character rigger
Kevin Hudson, CG modeling supervisor
Victor Schutz, lead CG lighting and compositing artist
Keith Smith, lead animator

Animated character in an animated feature motion picture

"Coraline," "Coraline"
Travis Knight, lead animator
Trey Thomas, lead animator

"Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs," "Buck"
Simon Pegg, Buck
Peter de Seve, characters designed by

"Monsters vs. Aliens," "B.O.B."
Terran Boylan, character technical director
David Burgess, head of character animation
Scott Cegielski, effects lead
David Weatherly, animator

"Up," "Carl," "No Dad Scene"
Ed Asner, voice of Carl
Carmen Ngai, character cloth artist
Brian Tindall, character modeling and articulation artist
Ron Zorman, animator

Animated character in a broadcast program or commercial

"AMF," "The Caterpillar"
Steve Beck, lead character animator
Jamie O'Hara, lead character modeller
Becky Porter, lead compositor
Robert Sethi, lead CG artist

"Disney Prep and Landing," "Wayne"
David Foley, voice of Wayne
Mark Mitchell, supervising animator
Hidetaka Yosumi, character technical director
Leo Sanchez Barbosa, modeler

"Evian," "Skating Babies"
Jorge Montiel Meurer, lead animator
Jordi Onate, animator
Emanuele Pavarotti, animator
Wayne Simmons, animator

"Pepsi," "Penguin," "The Flight of the Penguin"
James Dick, technical director
Seth Gollub, animation lead
Spencer Leuders, technical director
Andy Walker, VFX supervisor, technical lead

Effects animation in an animated feature motion picture

"Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs"
Rob Bredow, VFX supervisor
Matt Hausman, effects animation supervisor
Carl Hooper, effects animation supervisor
Dan Kramer, digital effects supervisor

John Allan Armstrong, VFX animator
Richard Kent Burton, stop motion effects animator
Craig Dowsett, CG modeler

"Monsters vs. Aliens"
David Allen, effects animator
Amaury Aubel, effects lead
Scott Cegielski, effects lead
Alain De Hoe, effects lead

Alexis Angelidis, effects artist
Eric Froemling, effects artist
Jason Johnston, effects artist
Jon Reisch, effects artist

Matte paintings in a feature motion picture

"Avatar," "Pandora"
Jean-Luc Azzis, senior compositor
Peter Baustaedter, senior matte painter
Brenton Cottman, lead matte painter
Yvonne Muinde, lead matte painter

"Franklyn," "Meanwhile City Scapes"
Tania Richard, matte painter
Christoph Unger, matte pai