'Avatar' tops in Korea

Cameron film beat local favorite by almost double

SEOUL -- “Avatar” beat a local film “The Taoist Wizard” in weekend boxoffice almost by double, selling 1.24 million tickets in just three days on 725 screens in Korean theaters nationwide.

The James Cameron film, released here on Dec. 17, attracted 6.39 million admissions in three weeks. So far “Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen” remains the most-watched foreign film ever here, with 7.437 million admissions. 

“The Taoist Wizard,” the latest hero action film by helmer Choi Dong-hoon (“The High Rollers”) sold 800,365 tickets over the weekend (3.26 million total), coming in second over the weekend, followed by “Sherlock Holmes” with 363,992 admissions, and the musical “Nine” with 189,566.