'Avatar' tops 'Titanic' record in U.S.

Cameron epic totals $601.1 million as of Wednesday

James Cameron's "Avatar" has completed its three-part flight into history, surpassing a domestic boxoffice record that's stood since the filmmaker's "Titanic" completed its theatrical run in 1998.

The 3D phenom previously shredded the international and worldwide b.o. records set by "Titantic."

On Wednesday, "Avatar" distributor Fox said the sci-fi epic had rung up $601.1 million in domestic b.o. through Tuesday. "Titanic" registered $600.8 million in U.S. and Canadian coin.

So how high can "Avatar" fly?

"I have no idea where we go from here," Fox domestic distribution president Bruce Snyder said. "The only picture that has gotten this high was "Titanic,' but 'Avatar' is coming off of a $30 million weekend while 'Titanic' was ending its theatrical run at the same point in the cume."

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"Avatar" -- which scored nine Oscar nominations Tuesday -- boasts a foreign tally of $1.48 billion and counting, shaping a worldwide cume of $2.08 billion.

A rise in ticket prices over the past decade-plus since "Titanic" gave "Avatar" a big advantage of its filmmaker's last dramatic feature. And 3D ticket upcharges represent another revenue-padder for "Avatar."

Movie admissions are another matter. First released in 1939, "Gone with the Wind" is still rated the top ticket seller of all time.

Meantime, News Corp. chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch was asked about the prospect of an "Avatar" sequel on Tuesday and noted the Fox parent was "pushing for one." Cameron also has noted he has a couple ideas about how to script any sequels.