'Avatar' Touring Exhibition to Hit the Road in Fall 2016

AVATAR Exhibition Rendering - H 2015
Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox

AVATAR Exhibition Rendering - H 2015

While the first of three sequels won’t be out until 2017, the interactive tour will kick off worldwide before that.

An exhibition based on the 2009 blockbuster movie Avatar will travel the world beginning in the fall of 2016, about a year before the first of three planned sequels is expected to reach movie theaters.

Global Experience Specialists is partnering with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products to create what is being billed as a state-of-the-art, interactive touring exhibition. According to an announcement, it will be “inspired by the amazing creatures and environments of the world of Pandora first introduced in the record-breaking film.”

Avatar director James Cameron and producer Jon Landau’s Lightstorm Entertainment is consulting on the touring exhibition.

The announcement did not indicate which cities around the world will get the Avatar touring exhibition, nor did it say whether there will be multiple exhibits at the same time or if it will tour from place to place.

“Bringing the world of Pandora to life and comparing it to the wonders of our own planet, the Avatar exhibition will bring together immersive new storytelling and science in a tangible, engaging forum," said Jeffrey Godsick, president of Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products. 

“As we expand the Avatar story world, we look for compelling ways to connect with our current — and future — fans,” said Kathy Franklin, president of franchise development for Lightstorm Entertainment. “This exhibition is an ideal way to share new and exciting insights into life on Pandora that we hope will inspire guests during their visit and beyond.”

The exhibition will include what the organizers promise will be “immersive, interactive displays” that put the alien world of Pandora "in the context of science here on Earth."

“The 10,000-square-foot experience,” according to the announcement, “will allow for a dynamic 45-minute guest engagement offering a wide range of exciting explorations and captivating environments highlighting bioluminescence, connectivity among Pandora’s living things, as well as its incredible and diverse flora and fauna. A unique look at the complexity of indigenous peoples and cultures through the lens of the Na’vi, Pandora’s native inhabitants, will be a key component of the exhibition.”

The first Avatar grossed nearly $2.8 billion worldwide. Cameron is working on three sequels in New Zealand, with the first expected to hit theaters in 2017, the second in 2018 and the final one in 2019.