Average Movie Ticket Price for 2010 Was $7.89

The average cost jumped to $8.01 in the fourth quarter due to the premium price of 3D tickets.

The average movie ticket price for 2010 ended up being $7.89, after the average cost jumped to $8.01 in the fourth quarter.

It was the first time that the cost of admission ever jumped the $8 mark.

The National Assn. of Theater Owners calculates the yearly ticket price based on the quarter averages. The average cost in the first quarter of 2010 was $7.95, but dipped to $7.88 in the second, and $7.71 in the third.

The average ticket price in 2009 was $7.50. Year-over-year, the 2010 average price of $7.89 represented a 5.2% increase.

Helping to drive the higher cost were 3D films, which charge a premium.

Over the past five years, ticket prices have consistently been up 4% to 5% year-over-year.