Average Movie Ticket Price Reaches All-Time High of $8.38

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The National Association of Theater Owners attributes the Q2 2013 increase to a spike in revenue from 3D screens and large-format theaters, including IMAX locations.

The average cost of going to a movie in North America reached an all-time high of $8.38 in the second quarter of the year, a 5.5 percent increase over the first quarter.

The average ticket price in Q1 2013 was $7.94.

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That puts the average ticket price for the first half of the year at $8.16, according to the National Association of Theater Owners.

During the summer months, movie ticket prices often rise because of the uptick in 3D movies, which command more money, as does entry to IMAX theaters and other large-format locations.

The average ticket price in Q2 2012 was $8.12, the previous high. The average ticket price of $8.38 represents a 3.2 percent uptick over that number.