Avril Lavigne's China tour materializing

Tickets for Shanghai concert are now on sale

BEIJING -- Ticketmaster has disclosed details of Avril Lavigne's tour in China.

Tickets for one concert, set for Oct. 4 in Shanghai, are now on sale. According to a Ticketmaster statement, Lavigne's six-city China tour in September and October (part of her ongoing 'The Best Damn Tour 2008') was scheduled "after her 2007 Shanghai (Qizhong Tennis Center) concert that had left thousands of fans asking for more.'"

The Shanghai concert will take place at the Shanghai Stadium, known in Chinese as the "80,000 people's stadium" for its large capacity. Tickets are available online at ticketmaster.cn, or at Ticketmaster's Shanghai box office at a 10-tiered price range from 200 yuan ($29) to 1600 yuan ($234).

Venues and ticket information have yet to be released for the rest of the tour, but the other dates have been confirmed. They are: Macau (Sept. 26), Shenzhen (Sept. 28), Chengdu (Sept. 30), Lijiang (Oct. 2), and Beijing (Oct. 6). Billboard.biz reported on the plans for the tour on June 4.

According to the Ticketmaster statement: "This will be Avril's first full-production tour in China, featuring sophisticated stage settings and an upgraded collection of hit songs ... and a pink piano."