Avril Lavigne's fall tour will hit China

Will play in six or seven cities

HONG KONG -- Avril Lavigne will perform in "six or seven" Chinese cities in the fall as part of her Asian tour, Nettwerk Prods. CEO Terry McBride said Wednesday at the Music Matters conference here.

In a wide-ranging onstage interview with Mobile Entertainment Forum chairman emeritus/founder Ralph Simon, McBride also said that within the next six to nine months Nettwerk will release a new song by the Barenaked Ladies in a "multitrack" premixed version that will allow the band's fans to make their own mixes of the song. McBride said the best mix will be chosen as the Barenaked Ladies' next single.

"Rather than tell your audience what to do, why don't you shut up and listen to them?" McBride said.

And in a swipe against those in the industry who want to clamp down on peer-to-peer file-sharing, McBride said "you cannot legislate or litigate (against) public behavior."

What's crucial, he said, is how to create "an authentic relationship" between artists and their fans. "The music business is all about monetizing this behavior," McBride said.