Awards on the Bay: Potterton, Yusaki


ROME -- Canadian animator Gerald Potterton and Japanese artist and designer Fusako Yusaki will be honored with lifetime achievement prizes at the 12th annual Cartoons on the Bay festival, organizers said Thursday.

Potterton, 77, a Canadian born in London, started his career on the iconic 1954 feature "Animal Farm." He began to make a name for himself in the 1950s, working for the National Film Board of Canada and earning Oscar nominations for French-language productions "My Financial Career" in 1962 and "Christmas Cracker" the same year. He will be given the festival's international career award.

Yusaki, meanwhile, will earn the unusual honor of taking home the career prize for work in Italy even though he was born in Japan, by virtue of many years of work in Italy, including a stint at the European Institute of Design in Milan. The 70-year-old is best known for his design work.

The Cartoons on the Bay event will take place April 10-13 in Salerno, the coastal city south of Naples. The overall program is set to screen a total of nearly 200 animated films and shorts from 25 countries, including an increased emphasis on productions from developing countries in addition to work from both Potterton and Yusaki.