Awards Season by the Numbers


$160 million
Reported budget of "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," more than five times the next-most-expensive best picture nominee ("Frost/Nixon," at $30 million)

14.6 million
Viewers who tuned into NBC's telecast of the Golden Globes, up from the 5.8 million who watched last year's strike-ravaged news conference but down from 20 million in 2007

Cost for the Academy to have 47 Oscar statuettes made at $500 each

Views on YouTube of BenderSpink's holiday video spoofing "Jai Ho," the closing dance number from "Slumdog Millionaire"

Ceramic kangaroos sent to journalists and awards-watchers to promote "Australia"

Films eligible for best picture (down from 306 last year)

Years since movie advertising was last allowed during the Oscar telecast

Days that Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard's score for "The Dark Knight" was ineligible for Oscar consideration, before the music branch reversed itself. It still wasn't nominated.

Years since 15-time nominee Meryl Streep last won an Oscar (for 1982's "Sophie's Choice")

Age of Anne Hathaway, the youngest acting nominee and Streep's competitor in the best actress race

Age of German actor David Kross when filming began on "The Reader," which required a break in production so he would be 18 while shooting the sex scenes

Expletives that had to be bleeped during the broadcast of Mickey Rourke's acceptance speech at the BAFTAs

Number of Warner Independent execs who developed "Slumdog Millionaire" and are now unemployed

Las Vegas odds of Heath Ledger winning best supporting actor

Previous acting credits of producer Howard Rosenman, who plays publisher David Goodstein in "Milk"
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