Axe Deodorant Commercial Banned for Offending Christians (Video)

The angel themed spot for the Unilever antiperspirant will no longer run in South Africa.

South Africa’s Advertising Standards Authority has banned a 60-second Axe commercial for offending members of the Christian faith.

The ad depicts several scantily clad female angels falling from heaven, lured by the scent of a young Italian man wearing “Excite” deodorant. The angels then smash their halos to the ground as they approach the man, boarding his moped.

“Even Angels Will Fall,” reads the tagline.

The ASA banned the spot after one male complainant was angered by the message, ruling that other Christians were likely to be offended as well, reports The Daily Mail.

South Africa’s News 24 posted the ruling, stating: ‘As such, the problem is not so much that the angels are used in the commercial, but rather that the angels are seen to forfeit, or perhaps forego their heavenly status for mortal desires.

‘This is something that would likely offend Christians in the same manner as it offended the complainant.”

Unilever, Axe’s parent company, is prohibited from screening the advertisement in its current form. Watch below.