Azealia Banks Severs Ties With Lady Gaga's Manager Troy Carter; Deletes Twitter Account

Azealia Banks Coachella - H 2012
Karl Walter/Getty Images

Azealia Banks Coachella - H 2012

The relative newcomer, who only signed with Carter two months ago, declared on her Tumblr that she no longer wishes to be a rapper.

Relative newcomer Azealia Banks, who signed to Universal Music in January and was being represented by Lady Gaga's manager Troy Carter, has reportedly cut ties with Carter, opting to delete her Twitter account, and declared on her Tumblr she's "no longer wishing to be a rapper."

After just two months with Carter, CEO of Atom Factory, which counts Mindless Behavior and Greyson Chance as clients, the two have now announced their separate paths. "I can confirm that I ended the business relationship with Azealia last month on very amicable terms," Carter told "She's incredibly talented and I wish her nothing short of an amazing career."

Banks subsequently deleted her Twitter account, and posted to her Tumblr page under the title "No Longer Wishing to be a Rapper": "i never was…. and as soon as i started paying attention to bullshit urban media, i started getting myself in trouble. From now on i’m a vocalist, and will not be associating myself with the 'rap game'… or whatever the fuck that means… no more twitter for me… it makes me entirely too accessible. Catch me on tumblr… it’ll be more interesting."

The vocalist answered fans' questions, continuing, "I'm still going to rap... I just don't want the label and all the other crap that comes with the 'rap game'... it's boring. rather be a dance artist." She responded to other fans, "I'm just too weird for hip-hop," and "I'm a lot more interesting than 140 characters." She didn't respond to the change in management.

The artist's debut album for Interscope, Broke With Expensive Taste, is slated for release in September. The 21-year-old Harlem native was previously signed to XL Recordings, home to Adele, and famously parted ways with the label citing conflicting creative visions.

Her first proper U.S. gig was at the massive Coachella Music and Arts Festival, where she performed a 20-minute set that included several covers, among them Prodigy's "Firestarter" and The Zutons' "Valerie," made famous by Amy Winehouse, which she sang a capella.

The L.A. Times described Banks' style as "unapologetically street" and warned fellow female pop-rapper Nicki Minaj to "be on the lookout."