Aziz Ansari Parodies Bobby Jindal and Creates Mini Donald Trump Hats

"Wear the hat, taste the fat."

Aziz Ansari impersonated Bobby Jindal on The Tonight Show and explained why he is still seeking the Republican presidential nomination despite polling so low.

When Jimmy Fallon asked Ansari's Jindal about polling at 1 percent, the fake candidate said he is actually polling at 2 percent which is a "huge difference."

"You ever taste 1 percent milk?" said Ansari. "It’s barely milk, it’s like drinking white water. But man, when you start dumping that 2 percent milk on your Apple Jacks, it’s like pow! You can taste the fat.”

Ansari said that is the new campaign slogan: "Taste the fat."

He then spoke about the small turnouts he's had and questioning global warming. "I'm the only candidate that doesn't believe in any science period," said Ansari's Jindal. He said "science myths like photosynthesis" are ludicrous.

The sketch ended with Ansari talking about how Donald Trump has spent more on hats than (Ansari's) Jindal has on his entire campaign. He introduced his own line of "fiscally responsible hats" that show true conservative spending.