Aziz Ansari Calls Khan Family "the Drake to Donald Trump's Meek Mill"

Aziz Ansari — H 2016

The 'Master of None' star and Jimmy Fallon read funny, embarrassing romantic texts to each other.

Aziz Ansari is finding this year's election "riveting," he told Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday. He is particularly interested in the feuds the "orange-faced monster," Donald Trump, is involved in.

Ansari brought up Trump's back-and-forth with the Khan family. "My God, they are destroying him," said Ansari. "The Khan family is the Drake to Donald Trump's Meek Mill."

He recapped Khan offering up his own pocket Constitution to lend to Trump and Khan's rebuttal after Trump responded to him.

"The guy's like, 'You have a black soul' — which is the coldest shit I've ever heard," said Ansari, referring to Khan's description of Trump.

Ansari has been vocal about his criticism of Donald Trump, penning an essay for The New York Times about Trump's hateful rhetoric against Muslims. Ansari talked about how worried he is for his family of Muslim immigrants and the increased prejudice that comes with the speeches Trump makes.

On a lighter note, Ansari and Fallon read each other embarrassing text exchanges between men and women trying to flirt.

Hilarity ensued, especially in one conversation about a beautiful "angle."

Ansari also shared a story about his almost-failed attempt to meet Joe Biden. Watch below.