'Baader Meinhof' Producers Reunite for Film on Neo-Nazi Gang

Constantin Film will adapt the non-fiction book 'Heimatshutz' about the NSU, a neo-Nazi cell allegedly responsible for a series of racially-motivated murders between 2000-2007.

The production team behind 2008 foreign Oscar nominee The Baader Meinhof Complex, about German left-wing terrorists in the 1970s, is turning to modern-day neo-Nazis for its latest production. 

Constantin Film has picked up adaptation rights to Heimatschutz, a non-fiction book about the neo-Nazi gang the NSU, from Stefan Aust, author of the book on which The Baader Meinhof Complex was based. Aust co-authored Heimatschutz with the German journalist and terrorism expert Dirk Laab.

The NSU is a violent neo-Nazi cell blamed for a series of racially-motivated murders in Germany between 2000-2007, as well as several bank robberies and two nail bomb attacks. Two members of the gang killed themselves after a botched bank raid in 2013. A surviving member, Beate Zschape, is currently on trial.

The case has also raised serious questions about the German intelligence agency, which failed to detect the gang as they carried out their killings.

Constantin Film's Oliver Berben will produce the film version of Heimatschutz, with Martin Moszkowicz as executive producer.  

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