Babelgum, Encounters team for shorts


Global Internet TV network Babelgum on Thursday said that it has partnered with the U.K.'s Encounters Short Film Festival to broadcast short films via its Internet site.

Babelgum subscribers include talent scouts from major production houses worldwide who will be able to screen films regardless of where they are or whether they attend Encounters.

Film directors and rights owners can upload content on Babelgum as of Thursday until Nov. 20, Babelgum said.

The Encounters Short Film Festival takes place in Bristol every November.

Encounters entrants also will be given the opportunity to enter the Babelgum Online Film Festival. The festival, chaired by director Spike Lee, will award winning filmmakers a 20,000 euro ($29,000) cash prize in each of the seven categories, two of which are dedicated to shorts and animation.

"Encounters is growing in prominence and reputation, but we remain limited by the amount of material we are physically able to screen during the festival," Encounters managing director Sue Lion said. "Babelgum provides a unique and innovative solution to this problem and opens up our doors to a huge audience to the benefit of all involved."

Added Babelgum CEO Valerio Zingarelli: "The Encounters festival is the U.K.'s most important short film festival and showcases some of the best from new and established talent from around the world. Babelgum gives consumers the opportunity to view that work in their own time wherever they may be."