"Baby Bachelorette" Returns to 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' With More Captain America


"I think Dylan likes Captain America more than me."

Jimmy Kimmel Live released the second episode of his "Baby Bachelorette" spoof on Monday, and it was adorable.

Bianca, Dylan and Isley went on a group "date" at the start of the episode. "I'm excited to get to know these guys a little better at my tea party today," said baby bachelorette Bianca. "It's going to be hard to say goodbye to one of them."

Dylan came dressed up as Captain America, saying he hoped Bianca shared his enthusiasm for the character. Bianca was not impressed, asking Dylan if Captain America was the only thing he talks about. "Yes," he proclaimed.

Her unicorn (the "Baby Bachelorette's" stand-in for the grown-up reality show's rose) ended up going to Isley, but Dylan was not offended. "It's okay — I'm Captain America!" he yelled running around. 

Next up was a solo date with Alex, who likes to cook "mostly goldfish." Afterward, Bianca sat down with Kimmel and sweetly said she's looking to choose someone who is just like her father — although she may have to wait a few years for the boys' mustaches to grow in.

The unicorn ceremony went pretty smoothly, but a cliffhanger at the end has "Baby Bachelorette" fans waiting until next time to see what Isley's bombshell will be.