'Babylon Berlin' Producer Beta Film and Red Bull Team for Soccer Series 'The Net'

Babylon Berlin
Tom Tykwer

The ambitious drama will unravel over five stand-alone series and take a look at the dark side of the soccer world.

Babylon Berlin producer Beta Film and Red Bull Media House, the production unit of the soft drink and extreme sports group, are teaming for The Net, an ambitious drama series set in the world of international soccer.

The project is planned as five stand-alone but connected drama series, each consisting of eight episodes and set to follow different characters linked by the global world of soccer including a referee, a sports doctor, a young prospect drafted from Africa and and an anti-corruption lawyer.

Billed as an examination of the dark side of soccer, The Net aims to portray not just the luxury and glamour but also the world of corruption, organized crime, doping and money laundering that have tainted the modern game.

Based on a concept from Matthias Hartmann and Plinio Bachmann, the project is currently being shopped to local producers and broadcasters, with advance negotiations with partners in Italy and German-speaking Europe.

Shooting on The Net is scheduled to start in 2019 or 2020.