Bachelor Brad Womack 'Shocked' by Attack Against Michelle


He defends her after other contestants rip into her on Monday's "Women Tell All" special.

The most intense moment during The Bachelor Women Tell All special: When the fellow Bachelorettes went after Michelle Money.

Michelle has long been viewed as a villain throughout the season for making mean remarks about other contestants - and even hijacking a date with Brad Womack.
And on the ABC special Monday, the contestants didn't hold back their contempt.
Jackie Gordon called her "creepy," while Stacey Queripel ripped into her, criticizing her parenting skills. "In my family, you put your child first...I felt like you put you first," she snipped.
As Stacey spoke, Michelle broke down in tears and couldn't stop sobbing, prompting host Chris Harrison to step in.
After the show, Harrison blogged: "Let me say something to the folks out there who don’t have kids: You can say a lot of things about people, but questioning someone’s parenting skills or decisions is not smart. Michelle understandably got very defensive but also really lost it emotionally. She was literally shaking and hyperventilating."
Looking back, Brad says he too was "shocked at the verbal assault that was thrown at Michelle! Yes, the ladies are entitled to their opinions, but after seeing Michelle sobbing, I expected the other women to back down a little bit. The attack was almost relentless!"
He said, "Michelle has obviously learned a lot about herself while watching the show and I'm confident she'll turn what she considers character flaws into something positive. All I can ask is please find the humor in Michelle's personality."
Next week Brad chooses his lady: Chantal O'Brien or Emily Maynard.