'The Bachelor' Fashion Face-Off: Unicorn Mask vs. Giant Rose

The Bachelor Meet the Ladies - H 2016
Courtesy of ABC

Which quirky (er, crazy) accessory will win Ben’s heart?

The pressure was on last night for The Bachelor contestants to make a lasting first impression on this season’s bachelor (aka tall drink of water Ben Higgins), and the ladies certainly delivered their best efforts.

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One woman brought her miniature pony, while others chose to come hand-in-hand with their identical twin, but Joelle “JoJo” the real estate developer and Mandi the dentist knew it was all about the outfit — from dress and shoes to the all-important accessories. But which ensemble stole Ben's heart? We're here to break it down.

Mandi, The Hopeful Gardener

Mandi, who willingly stepped forward to fill the role of the token crazy contestant, first arrived donning a wholly uncomfortable-looking rose-shaped headpiece the size of a small child, claiming, “I am the first-impression rose.” When asked if the accessory was her own handiwork, she told Ben, "I picked it out of my garden for you." Charming.

Effort: 8
Originality: 7
Execution during first impression: 6
Final Score: 7

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JoJo, The Mythical Creature

Next up was JoJo, who topped her red-hot body-con dress and strappy nude stilettos with a unicorn mask — you know, to prove to Ben that she's one of a kind (ba dum tss). Unfortunately, it was a bit startling to see the head of a horned mythical creature appear from behind the door of the limo, and her lack of visibility made the first meeting just a little awkward. However, JoJo gets points for ditching the mask later in the evening and playfully using Pictionary-inspired flash cards to try and get Ben to guess her hometown and occupation.

Effort: 5
Originality: 9
Execution during first impression: 6
Final Score: 6.7

The winner, by a hair, was Mandi. Because while it's hard to forget a unicorn, it's even harder to forget genuine crazy eyes.