'Bachelor' Creator Mike Fleiss Accused of Attacking Pregnant Wife

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Photos of the alleged attack and injuries were included in the filings.

Mike Fleiss, creator of ABC's The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, has been accused by his wife of attacking her after she refused to have an abortion, according to court documents obtained by The Hollywood Reporter.

Laura Fleiss on Tuesday filed an emergency domestic violence restraining order in Los Angeles.

In the documents, the 2012 Miss America winner accused her husband of attacking her over the Fourth of July weekend because she would not get an abortion, which he allegedly demanded.

The couple's 4-year-old son, Ben, was in the room during a portion of the argument that went on for several days, according to the documents.

Laura said in the filing, “This was not the first time he had threatened a divorce during our marriage, but now, he was using this threat as leverage to force me to have an abortion. In addition, on July 4th, Mike made the following statements to me: ‘I am cutting you off financially Monday morning’; ‘You are paying for everything with your money’; ‘Next time I see you, I don’t want to see your stomach’; and ‘You have a choice, you can choose. Have an abortion or go back to Wisconsin, but you are not taking Ben.'"

She added that the abuse continued the following day, when Mike was "even more angry" than he was on the Fourth. "He continued to berate me. He called me names, including low-rent gold-digger, $50,000 whore... " Laura went on to say that she received threats from Mike that she would lose access to her family, including her mother.

"I was afraid of Mike because of his threats and verbal abuse," she said, later describing a violent incident where Mike forcibly pinned her up against the wall and held her there. She said he also threatened to shove her down the stairs and punch her face in.

During a physical incident that occurred at Mike's truck, Laura described standing on the running board/footstep below the drivers side door, when he reversed and stopped the car suddenly. "At this point, Mike forcibly shoved me off the running board, closed the car door and drove away with my cellphone in his possession," said Laura. 

Photos of the alleged attack and injuries were included in the paperwork filed by attorneys Samantha Spector and Lisa Meyer.

A temporary restraining order was granted on Tuesday. A hearing for a long-term restraining order is scheduled for Aug. 6.

A Warner Bros. spokesperson gave the following statement to THR: "We are aware of these serious allegations, and are looking into them."

Update: On Wednesday, police confirmed an investigation had been opened into the claims.