'Bachelor' Producer Reveals Thanksgiving Flight Altercation as Twitter Joke


Elan Gale, who set the Internet ablaze for his well-documented note-passing feud with a rude passenger on his delayed holiday trip, finally introduced "Diane in 7A."

This past Thanksgiving, Bachelor producer Elan Gale set the Internet ablaze by live-tweeting his altercation with "Diane in 7A," a rude passenger, known only by her first name and seat number, on his US Airways flight. His account of the events has since seen his follower count multiply to north of 176,000, with a vast majority of them thankful for the holiday distraction, as well as the fact that they weren't traveling on the same flight.

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Yet Gale has presented another thing to be thankful for: Diane in 7A does not exist.

He made the big reveal Monday night on his Twitter account, of course:

While many corners of the Internet waved their fists at Gale -- calling him a misogynist and/or a bully, and only fueled by a rumor that Diane actually had cancer -- parts of Hollywood got at least a good laugh:

Even a few after Gale's hoax reveal:

But before the big reveal, actor Samm Levine went as far as to parody the Bachelor producer in his own sordid tale (which was completely retweeted by Patton Oswalt):

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