'The Bachelor' Runner-Up Removes Badgley Mischka Heels After Sean Lowe Sends Her Home

Bachelor Finale Runner Up — H 2013
Dave Hagerman/ABC

The one who didn't win "The Bachelor's" heart took off her sky-high platforms on Monday's finale, making a statement that perhaps she shouldn't have worn them in the first place.

High heels — they're no joke. 

At least that's what Sarah Jessica Parker told Net-a-Porter's online magazine The Edit last week regarding a random foot malfunction that developed because of Carrie Bradshaw's love of stilettos. 

And on Monday, high heels again roared their wrath on The Bachelor finale, in which -- spoiler alert -- contestant Lindsay Yenter got sent home in a long, silvery David Meister gown and a hidden pair of sky-high platform peep-toe pumps by Badgley Mischka. The height-promoting foot candy stayed on en route to and throughout the dumping, which had poor Yenter crying and asking, "Is it me?" 

But then, at around the moment the 24-year-old substitute teacher likely realized she was too good to have her heart broken on national TV anyway, she was done putting on a show and took off her heels. And she walked back to her chauffeured Mitsubishi sans fiance and sans the painful accessories so typically used to snag one. 

Which makes one wonder why Yenter wouldn't have dressed in something more comfortable and "her" in the first place to meet the man that she hoped to spend the rest of her life with. (Of course, show stylist Cary Fetman had to make both Yenter and the ultimate winner, Catherine Giudici -- who also wore a metallic Meister gown -- look as glam as possible.)

The simple statement of taking off your heels when you're "over it" is striking. Maybe if Yenter had worn footwear that she didn't have to try in from the start, her ending would have been a bit happier. 

As for SJP's stiletto-induced foot malady, we'll let her podiatrist tackle that one.