'Bachelorette' Ashley Hebert, Fiance Say No to TV Wedding for Now

Matt Klitscher/ABC

"We talk about it in jest sometimes, but no real thought has gone into it," J.P. Rosenbaum said about their impending nuptials.

You won't be seeing Bachelorette Ashley Hebert and fiance J.P. Rosenbaum on television any time soon.

On a conference call on Tuesday afternoon, the latest Bachelorette told reporters that they would not be following in the footsteps of previous contestants. "I don't think you''ll be seeing us on TV unless you Tivoed those episodes," Hebert says when asked of the prospect of a TV return, USA Today reports.

"We talk about it in jest sometimes, but no real thought has gone into it," Rosenbaum said about a TV wedding.

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In fact they haven't even seriously discussed wedding plans. "We haven't given any serious thought to [the wedding]," Rosenbaum said. "We're not going to wait five years to get married, but we're going to take it one step at a time."

Hebert and Rosenbaum said that their romance is real and that their hope is that it will have a happy ending.

"We built this great foundation," Hebert said. "We've been engaged for two months, but I feel like we've been together for years."
She added: "We have a fairytale .. But like the world saw, there's ups and downs. It's not perfect ... It's a real relationship. It's not like we're in la-la-land."

When asked about Bentley Williams, a contestant that caused some issues for the other bachelors, and other issues like Rosenbaum's jealousy, the couple was quick to say that they've come out on top. "He made his bed, now he can lie in it," Rosenbaum said. "He showed who he was. The worst part was watching Ashley see it for the first time ... And not being able to defend her."

"We've come to the other side and we couldn't be happier," Rosenbaum said.

Hebert and Rosenbaum also made an appearance on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, during which the couple shared that they'd like to wed next year.