This Is Where Cary Fetman Shops for Jojo's Look on 'The Bachelorette'

THE BACHELORETTE - JoJo Fletcher 4-H 2016
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Mixing high and low fashion in the name of love.

Without fail, Bachelor Nation — The Bachelor franchise's loyal, wine-swilling following — tunes in each and every week to bear witness to the can't-look-away drama that can only result when a TV network wrangles together 25 men to compete for the hand of one pretty lady, all while living under the same roof. 

But on season 12 of The Bachelorette, romantic swing dancing dates and threats of physical violence from a compulsive meat-eater weren't the only reasons that viewers couldn't get enough. In addition to the drama, it was Bachelorette Jojo's wardrobe — from day-to-day looks to date-night dresses to glamorous rose ceremony gowns — that also won over the hearts of Americans. 

The man behind her looks, wardrobe designer Cary Fetman, has amassed over 41k followers on Instagram for sharing Jojo's outfit credits with fans looking to emulate her style, which is a mix of tomboy-chic athleisure for the more athletic dates ("yoga" or hiking), cozy, preppier pieces for the rainy days in South America, and sexy yet sophisticated looks (she's a fan of red dresses) for her evening dates.

"So much of the clothes — the day to day clothes — I try to make that reachable," Fetman told Pret-a-Reporter, noting that he likes to mix high and low brands. "Sometimes it's Bloomingdale's, sometimes it's Neiman Marcus. Sometimes I go to Old Navy for tanks. For example, the coat will be designer, but the tank top she’s wearing underneath it is Zara or H&M." In addition to these fast-fashion steals, Fetman has also pulled looks from Frame, BlankNYC, Paige, and Vince Camuto, which he pairs with the occasional designer piece from the likes of Isabel Marant, Roberto Cavalli, Alice + Olivia or ALC


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Before filming began, Fetman sat down with Jojo and asked her questions about her taste and what she's most comfortable wearing, and then he went shopping — for the entire season's looks. "The first fitting, which takes us two days, is literally 18 or 19 racks of clothes. What we do in the beginning is pretty much the whole show," said Fetman, adding that the process of narrowing down his picks is a completely collaborative one. He does have to act as a bit of a guide however, as the bachelorette isn't made aware of where the show will be traveling ahead of time. 


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"Contestants don’t know where we’re going, so I tell them, 'Ok, think winter,' or 'This is going to be spring,'" he noted. But as is prone to happening on the show, not everything goes according to plan. "I try to pack every suitcase for the week based on what I think the dates are going to be, but sometimes things change last minute. Sometimes I think she’s going on a yacht but then she’s going on a helicopter ride. We just make it work."


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But while Fetman has gained a strong following for his fashion-forward choices, he knows when to add a little bit of sex appeal — this is a dating show, after all. "Sometimes we’re dressing for the women, sometimes we’re dressing for the guys. Like, you’re on the show to find love, you’re going to show off a little bit." 

The overall crowd pleaser for both men and women, however, is the often sparkly rose ceremony gowns. "I fell in love with the Randi Rahm blue gown," said Fetman of his favorite look from the season, which Jojo wore during the ceremony in Buenos Aires. "It traveled in its own suitcase. I asked if there was any place where there was going to be a staircase because I knew she would look amazing descending the steps." 


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It was thanks to moments like these that the wardrobe designer, who has worked on the TV franchise since its second season, calls Jojo one of his favorite bachelorettes to work with in recent history, with Andi (season 10) and Emily (season 8) coming in as close seconds. But host Chris Harrison, whom he also styles for the show, is up there, too. "Chris Harrison is the love of my life," he said. "When we're traveling and we finish up our work, it'll be me, the makeup artist [Gina Modica] and Chris, and we'll just have the best time."