Bachelorette Rachel's Gilded Finale Dress Defied the Laws of Physics

Courtesy of ABC


Before we begin, we'd like to offer our cordial congratulations to the happily betrothed, Rachel Lindsay and her chiropractor fiance, Bryan Abasolo. Mazel tov, etc. etc. 

Now to the juicy stuff. 

Bachelor franchise finales are good for three things: Tears (the sloppier the better), a Neil Lane diamond that would cost the equivalent of three sponsored Instagram posts — that is, if the contestants were actually paying out of pocket — and a super sparkly gown impractical for just about every occasion that's not a televised proposal in some faraway, exotic locale. Last night's conclusion to season 13 of the Bachelorette ticked all the boxes. 

While standing on the steps of a Spanish castle to hand the rose to the 37-year-old pseudo doctor of her TV dreams, Rachel opted for a gilded Randi Rahm gown that featured one of Bella Hadid's favorite red-carpet trends — an up-to-there slit. But whereas Hadid typically relies on that girls' best friend (double-sided tape) to keep her bits and bobs in check, the slit of Rachel's Randi Rahm appeared to be tempting the TV censor bar with just a few metallic threads.

The mighty threads held on through the walking, the happy crying and the "yes" — providing just another example of Rachel pulling off great feats and making them look easy, all with a pear-shaped diamond (surrounded by a diamond halo — that's 80 total diamonds) on her finger. 


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Now that Rachel and her man are officially free to roam about in public (read: post sponsored Instagram photos together), the couple is wasting no time milking their celeb couple star power. The duo will be making an appearance at the Lord & Taylor New York City outpost tomorrow to promote the store's new price-matching program. Let's be real, could you think of any better way to celebrate your engagement?