'The Bachelorette' Recap: One Guy Gets Cut Before Rose Ceremony

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In a shocking twist, Andi Dorfman chooses her final two guys, as she tearfully lets one contestant go in the middle of his date.

Two guys had amazing dates with Andi Dorfman on Monday's fantasy-suite episode of The Bachelorette. The third guy, not so much.

The episode took place in the Dominican Republic, with Andi and Nick riding in a helicopter to a romantic island. They went swimming, and Nick struggled to tell her he loved her, although he did talk more about his previous breakup. He later referred to himself as "quirky" and "childlike," which are probably the last adjectives that anyone else would use to describe him.

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Nick then read a fairy tale about himself and Andi to her, which felt like a subliminal advertisement for ABC's Once Upon a Time. After the story, he leaned up against a palm tree for no discernable reason and told her he's in love with her. The two ended up in the fantasy suite, with Nick saying he's certain that he's the guy Andi will choose. Of course he's certain, since this is Nick we're talking about.

Next, Andi explored Santo Domingo with Josh, where he acquired a male aphrodisiac (TMI, Josh). Josh told Andi that he's in love with her, and Andi was glad to hear it, since she had worried he's always happy-go-lucky. Andi repeatedly said Josh makes her feel young (is he Steve Guttenberg in Cocoon?). Eventually, Andi and Josh headed to the fantasy suite.

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Finally, Andi and Chris rode horses, which she had trepidations about. Apparently, she had even more trepidations about a future with Chris. In a shocking twist, Andi sent Chris home before the end of the date. She explained that living in Iowa wasn't the only hang-up for her, but that she tried and failed to see herself with Chris in the end. Chris admitted that he didn't see this coming and was hurt but that he wants to find someone who is really excited to be with him.

Andi took part in a postmortem with Chris Harrison, where she said she didn't regret letting Chris go. She admitted that she still has questions about Nick and Josh, but both remaining guys got roses in the rose ceremony.

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Do you think Andi made a mistake by sending Chris home? Do you think she'll choose Josh or Nick? Do you hope you never have to hear the words "male aphrodisiac" ever again? Let us know in the comments!

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