Robby and His Neon Trunks Were the Best Part of 'The Bachelorette' Episode 5

Courtesy of ABC

Here's where you can get your own pair.

In a sea of black and navy v-necks, three-quarter sleeved baseball tees and too-tight zip-up hoodies, Robby's neon swim trunks were a breath of fresh, South American air on episode five of The Bachelorette.

While cliff jumping off the coast of Uruguay on his one-on-one date with Jojo, Robby shimmied out of his khakis and revealed his pineapple-printed swim trunks in all their neon glory.

Sure, some other men have taken style risks (Vinny's fedora and Derek's stars and stripes crewneck tee were valiant efforts, yet ultimately, failures), but Robby seems to have locked down his title as "the stylish one."  

The trunks, called "The Hooligans," are from frat-favorite e-tailer Chubbies and will cost you $60 — worth every penny, if you ask us.