Robby's Hotel Slippers, Alex's Beret and More Questionable Fashion From 'The Bachelorette' Episode 7

Jojo_Bachelorette_Alex_Robby_Split - Publicity - H 2016
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Jojo_Bachelorette_Alex_Robby_Split - Publicity - H 2016

C'mon, guys. You can do better.

We've already established that on The Bachelorette, JoJo has the style game on lock. (Alex didn't compare her to a Ralph Lauren model for nothing.)

The men, on the other hand, could use a little bit of work. In addition to their regular rotation of henleys, too-tight V-neck tees and muscle tanks, last night's episode saw quite a few other questionable fashion choices. 

Let's start with Robby's slippers. The white slides made their first appearance while the men were still safely inside their suite, leading us to believe that they were simply hotel slippers that Robby slipped on post-shower. But then he kept them on as the boys headed outside. To a farm. With dirt.

MAGIC SLIPPERS: Alex, Luke and Robby. (Photo: ABC)

And Robby had no shame about them either, tweeting, "#RobbySlippers" during the live show. All hope we had for the former competitive swimmer's style after his beach date (those trunks!) has officially died.  

The next fashion faux pas came courtesy of Alex, though, to be fair, it wasn't necessarily his fault. For his cowboy date with JoJo, the marine got all dressed up in an authentic gaucho getup, complete with an oversize Basque beret. As eliminated contestant Wells Adams put it in his (must-watch) live Snapchat sesh, Alex looked like "a real life Pepe Le Pew." 


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Rounding out the evening's fashion don'ts was James Taylor, who arrived at the rose ceremony with uncharacteristically greasy-looking hair (the result of too many fries?) and a turquoise shirt that clashed with his charcoal gray suit. 

FEELING BLUE: James at the final rose ceremony. (Photo: ABC)

Robby, too, had a questionable fashion moment during the rose ceremony. The Florida State alum donned a garnet and gold striped tie, which he later revealed on Twitter was actually his fraternity's pledge tie. 

Moral of the story? Leave the fashion to JoJo, boys.