The Bachelor's Brad Womack on Fiancee: 'No Press, No Media, No 'Exclusive' Stories'

Mark Wessels/ABC

He says he and Emily Maynard "are so excited to begin a very normal life."


Don't expect a media blitz from Bachelor Brad Womack and his bride-to-be, single mom Emily Maynard.
"People are going to ask, "What's next?" The short answer is: nothing (but everything)," he tells People in his blog. "Emily and I are so excited to begin a very normal life with a very real relationship. No press, no media, no "exclusive" stories. We are looking forward to movie nights, cups of coffee together, hanging out with her beautiful daughter at the park and anything else that so many couples do on a daily basis. We are looking forward to life beginning together."
He said he knew she was The One early on. 
"She literally took my breath away," he recalls. "I remember thinking to myself, "I'm looking at the woman I'm going to marry." It was such a confident thought, one I had searched for my entire life."
Adds Womack, "I can honestly say that I am happier than I've ever been in my entire life and I am hoping to provide the woman I love with that very same happiness."
And how is runner-up Chantal O'Brien holding up?
"I'm doing a lot better!" she tells People. "What you saw on the finale, I had just gotten my heart broken. There I was thinking this is someone I could have a future with and they didn't want to be with me. It broke my heart. But in the time since then I've had time to heal and move forward."
Despite being the lowest rated Bachelor finale in three years, the reality show still powered ABC to a Monday night win.