'Back to the Future' DeLorean Stars in Owl City's New Music Video

Pamela Littky
Owl City's Adam Young

Singer Adam Young drives the iconic car in his clip for "Deer in the Headlights."

The Back to the Future DeLorean is back on screens.

A replica of the car -- featured in all three films in the 1980s franchise starring Michael J. Fox -- plays a big role in Owl City's new video for "Deer in the Headlights."

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Singer Adam Young is seen driving the car -- which comes complete with the flux capacitor and time travel controls -- and at the end of the video seems to jump forward in time to the year 2015 after hitting the magic 88 miles per hour. There, he come fact to face with an -- alien? Man in a spacesuit?

Also in homage to Fox's character, Marty McFly, Young kicks off the video on a skateboard, flipping it with his feet to catch it in his hands as he comes to a stop -- just as Fox did in the movies.

"Deer" is from Owl City's latest album, All Things Bright and Beautiful.

Watch the video below.