'Back to the Future II': 8 Predictions It Got Wrong About 2015

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'Back to the Future II'

If you've been holding your breath for dehydrated pizza, you're out of luck

It's 2015, and sadly, we still need roads. 

Back to the Future II focused on Michael J. Fox's Marty McFly ending up in this very year, where he was greeted by all sorts of futuristic technology.

Some of the advancements he observed in the 1989 box-office hit, like video telephones, have basically come to fruition. But the same can't be said for many of the film's other predictions about the new year.

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Here are eight ways that director Robert Zemeckis' vision of 2015 was way off.

1. Power shoelaces

In the movie, Marty is quite impressed when he only needs to tap his shoes to make them lace up.

However, the imagined innovation isn't one that has become reality. Not only do people today not own sneakers that can tie themselves, but even Velcro is so passé.

2. Garden Center fruit dispenser

Marty's family uses this device to keep produce fresh well past its sell-by date in the film version of 2015.

These days, if you want to ensure that your fruit remains tasty for a long period of time, you have to buy raisins like a normal person though.

3. Flying cars and hoverboards

Marty uses a wheels-free hoverboard to get himself out of a jam. Today's cars and skateboards still require contact with the ground though.

But would you really want a flying car? Fender-benders would presumably become a lot more dangerous when you're in the middle of the wild blue yonder as envisioned by the film.  

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4. Robotic dog-walker

If you want to get out of being the one to provide your pooch with some exercise, you still have to pay a neighborhood kid to do it for you.

The Back to the Future sequel had imagined another scenario. It showed an automated device that Marty in one scene sees in his neighborhood. 

5. Identa-pad

Police officers in the film have suspects push their thumb against a pad to get information on them, which they use on a tranquilized Jennifer (Elisabeth Shue).

This device isn't around yet, although it doesn't seem like as much of a stretch as the film's other technology.

6. Mind-powered video games

In the film, kids from 2015 think Marty is totally lame for playing arcade-style video games.

Sadly, video games today still require the use of your hands — unless you count Dance Dance Revolution, of course.

7. Food hydrator

Marty's family instantly turns a dehydrated pizza into a delicious snack with the push of a button in Back to the Future II.

As far as we know, tiny pizzas cannot actually be transformed into full-size pies in a matter of seconds in real life though.

But it is heartening to know that the filmmakers were certain pizza's popularity would remain universal. That correct prediction has got to count for something, right?

8. Size-adjusting clothing

In the movie, Marty's jacket was able to adjust to his body and quickly dried itself off after getting wet.

As of the start of 2015, though, the closest thing to an article of clothing that conforms itself to your personal size is a slap-wrap bracelet.

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