'Back-Up Plan' tops Friday boxoffice

'The Losers' opens in fourth place

Jennifer Lopez's new romantic comedy "The Back-Up Plan" claimed a modest No. 1 slot in the Friday rankings, but it will probably cede that spot to DreamWorks Animation's indefatigable dragons as the weekend proceeds.

The PG-13 "Plan," released by the the fledgling CBS Films, took in an estimated $4.2 million in its first day of release in 3,280 theaters in North America, but Paramount's release of "How to Train Your Dragon," beginning its fifth weekend, ranked number two with about $3.7 million, and with the help of matinee moviegoers it could well climb to the top spot for the three days.

Fox's "Date Night," heading out for its third weekend, checked in at number three with $3.3 million.

That left newcomer action-movie "The Losers," from Warners, in fourth place. The PG-13 movie from director Sylvain White and starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana and Chris Evans, pulled in $3.2 million from 2,936 locations.

Lionsgate's "Kick-Ass" wandered into the fifth slot for its sophomore session with $2.9 million.

Meanwhile, Disney's nature documentary "Oceans," which opened Wednesday, was lodged down around the eighth position as it collected about $2 million on Friday.