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Class of 1994: Just a year later, WME's Emanuel co-founded Endeavor with Rick Rosen, Tom Strickler and David Greenblatt.

A look back at four up-and-comers from our earlier Next Gen issues

Class of 1994: Ari Emanual
Just a year later, WME’s Emanuel co-founded Endeavor with  Rick Rosen, Tom Strickler and David Greenblatt.

Original Next Generation profile:

Ariel Emanuel
Motion picture and television agent at ICM
Age: 33
Birthplace: Chicago
Education: B.A., McCalester College
First job after college: Working as an assistant to agent Robert Lantz in New York City
Big break: “Being part of InterTalent (may it rest in peace) from the ground floor”
Career milestone: Repping the executive producers of “Ellen,” “Party of Five” and “Ren & Stimpy”
Career goal: “Besides getting money and power, I haven’t figured it oout yet.”
Inspiration: “My father”
Business philosophy: “Fair is defined as where we end up.”
Lessons learned: “Relationships, relationships, relationships!”
Power spots: The Palm for lunch, Ivy for Dinner, Ginza Sushiko for sushi
Leisure time: Golf, yoga, collecting old Pepsi paraphernalia

Class of 1994: Michael De Luca
De Luca’s run at New Line lasted another seven years and included such hits as Seven, Boogie Nights and Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. He most recently produced The Social Network.

Original Next Generation profile:

Michael De Luca
President and COO of New Line Prods.; recently spearheaded company’s record-setting purchase of the Shane Black script “The Long Kiss Goodnight”
Age: 29
Birthpplace: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Education: B.F.A., NYU Film School
First job after college: Story editor for New Line
Big break: “Getting an intern job when I was 19 at New Line when it was still a small company”
Career milestone: “Besides shepherding ‘The Mask’ into production and watching it gross over $100 million, it’s probably working with [exec vp] Richard Gladstein to secure rights to a great slate of films, like ‘The Women’ and ‘Lost in Space.’”
Career goals: “To work with my favorite directors: Martin Scorsese, Stanley Kubrick, Steven Spielberg, Abel Ferrara, Quentin Tarantino”
Inspirations: All the works of Paddy Chayefsky, and Rod Serling’s “Requiem for a Heavyweight”
Business philosophy: “Nothing can help a bad script”
Lessons learned: “Most people in the business regard movies as something like selling used cars or junk bonds. That’s a dangerous attitude that’s responsible for a lot of bad movies being made. The whole ‘Hollywood’ side of the business has taught me what not to do.”
Power spots: “Because I can walk to them from the office, I eat at The Ivy now and then, or I’ll have a drink at Chaya Brassiere.”
Leisure time: “My hobby is watching movies.”

Class of 1997: Mike Darnell
Darnell, now Fox’s president of alternative entertainment, shepherded American Idol to the air five years later.

Original Next Generation profile:

Mike Darnell
As senior vp, specials and alternative programming at Fox Broadcasting, created more than 100 specials, such as “When Animals Attack”
Age: 35
Birthplace: Philadelphia
Education: B.A. in speech communications, California State University, Northridge
First job after college: Intern at KTTV
Big break: Found “Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction,” Fox’s high-concept special, which aired five times.
Career milestone: “Lifting the Specials department at Fox from filler material to a major contributor and setting a half dozen ratings records along the way.”
Inspiration: “Barry Diller, Brandon Tartikoff and my wife”
Inspiration point: Watching TV at home
Lessons learned: “Follow your instincts, and don’t be a snob about TV. It’s judicious not to have an opinion about a show until after the ratings come out.”
Power spot: Hugo’s
Downtime: “Watching TV, playing tennis and spending time with my wife”

Class of 1997: Ben Silverman
Silverman became co-chairman of NBC Entertainment a decade later. He’s now CEO of Electus in partnership with Barry Diller.

Original Next Generation profile:

Benjamin Silverman
Head of international packaging for motion pictures and television, William Morris Agency UK, Ltd.; put together “Night Move” series and ABC’s “Cracker”
Age: 27
Education: B.A. in history, Tufts College
First job after college: International program and drama development coordinator for CBS Entertainment
Big break: “Barbara Corday hiring me and promoting me on my first day at her production company”
Career milestone: Silverman has been responsible for creating a new business in representing major European entertainment conglomerates such as Granada, Pearson and Endemol in their entry into the U.S. market.
Inspiration: “My parents and Fred Astaire for introducing me to the arts”
Inspiration point: The mountains
Power spot: The Ivy in London
Downtime: Play sports, watch movies, and run around.