Backstreet Boys Team Up With *NSYNC Singer for Zombie Movie

Plus, Niall Horan from One Direction has an open invitation.

Backstreet's back, and this time, they're bringing some of *NSYNC along for the ride (2000-era boy-band wars are so yesterday).

The Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter announced at Comic-Con over the weekend that he had written and would be directing Dead Seven, a Syfy zombie movie (in the vein of Sharknado) starring himself, A.J. McLean and Joey Fatone. Yup, OK, we're in.

Fatone and Carter will play heroes in the television movie, which apparently also is a western, while McLean will star as the apprentice to the main villain, according to People.

There are still some parts to cast, and Carter has the perfect (probably unlikely) dream suggestion.

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