Audi Backward Driving Stunt Could Have Been Enabled by Camera

The Audi captured on video driving backwards for miles though the Hollywood Hills may have been equipped with a parking assist camera that made the stunt less difficult.

The unidentified man who drove an Audi in reverse for miles through the Hollywood Hills may have had a little help from the car's technology.

Reviewing video of the stunt recorded by real estate broker Kevin Zanzanian, it appears the Audi is an A5 S-Line or an S5, according to Matt Hardigree, executive director of the Jalopnik automotive web site.

Both the A5 and S5 can be equipped with a technology package that includes a backup camera that engages when the car is placed in reverse and displays video — with a grid overlay that shows the car's projected path — on the infotainment screen.

The camera could account for the driver's uncanny ability to navigate notoriously serpentine Laurel Canyon Blvd. so precisely while driving backwards, including a left turn on to Hollywood Boulevard.

Zanzanian told KTLA that a man was behind the wheel and a woman was in the passenger seat. 

As of Monday morning, LAPD detectives were still trying to identify the driver. The Audi had dealer plates, which could narrow the search to Southern California Audi dealers.

"Audi obviously doesn't condone this sort of driving and is not involved in the local investigation but is willing to assist if needed," an Audi spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter.