The Bad Mom-ometer

From the somewhat cringe-worthy to the utterly jaw-dropping, the behavior of mothers on some of reality television's most popular shows continues to reassure and validate parents throughout America

HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO: With a 6-year-old who routinely guzzles energy drinks and a family who dines on roadkill, TLC's juggernaut series has become a national touchstone for bad parenting.

TEEN MOM: Since its 2009 debut, the MTV series has seen a laundry list of bad behavior from its young mothers. Restraining orders, shoplifting allegations, failed rehab stints and assault charges -- not to mention the obligatory "baby daddy" drama -- are staples of the glossy series.

DANCE MOMS: The Lifetime series represents a happy medium of bad-mom TV as the drama-infused storylines mainly revolve around the mothers' contentious relationships with one another and the instructor. But with risque costumes and heavy stage momming, viewers still get a helping of what not to do

TODDLERS & TIARAS: The matriarch of mom TV, the TLC series explores the world of child beauty pageants. Despite questionable judgment calls (a Pretty Woman-themed talent routine and one contestant donning a fake Dolly Parton bosom), the catfights and overall drama remain at a minimum.

HIGH SCHOOL MOMS: The TLC series, which bowed in August, follows a group of young women at a Denver-area high school exclusively for pregnant and parenting teens. Attempting to showcase the harsh realities teen parents face, High School Moms takes a more docu-style approach than MTV's glamorizing Teen Mom.

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