'Bad' rap for newly Bonded helmer Forster


With his "Quantum of Solace" set to blow the doors off the U.S. boxoffice, Marc Forster has signed on for a new project.

The German-Swiss director, who helmed such specialized fare as "Stranger Than Fiction" and "Finding Neverland," has been attached to "Die Bad," a remake of a Korean action movie that has been set up at Universal.

Brad Ingelsby, who is penning "The Low Dweller" for Relativity and Todd Field's "Buried" for Paramount Vantage, is attached to write the script. Roy Lee, Brad Simpson and Doug Schwartz are attached to produce.

Korean martial arts director Seung-wan Ryoo wrote and helmed the original "Die Bad" in 2000, winning the audience award at the Pusan International Film Festival.

The project further pushes Forster away from the more prestige realm of his previous work and into action tales. (partialdiff)