BAFTA Adds New Category to TV and TV Craft Awards

Steve Finn/Getty Images
A BAFTA award

Both events will now celebrate shortform content from 2018.

BAFTA is continuing to move with the times, introducing a new shortform category for 2018's TV and TV Craft Awards.

Both events will from next year include a designated category to recognize single shorts, short form series and shorts from a strand from any genre that have been commissioned or premiered on an online or broadcast platform.

"The industry is constantly evolving and it’s important that BAFTA remains at the forefront of this ever-changing landscape, celebrating the very best programs and performances, and being relevant in the work that we reward," said Emma Baehr, BAFTA's director of awards and membership. "As distribution models continue to develop, stories are being told in new and innovative ways — and this is especially evident in the growth of shortform content. Our Awards champion excellence across the British television industry and the introduction of this new category will shine a spotlight on the very best creative talent in the shortform space."

The eligibility criteria has also been slightly tweaked for drama and mini-drama series. Previously, the categories had been determined by the number of episodes in their series, meaning that shorter series such as Sherlock would fall in the miniseries category. The new rules split the categories up depending on whether or not they intend to return, meaning Sherlock would be a drama series and The Night Manager, for example, would be a miniseries. 

Last year, BAFTA changed its rules to allow internationally funded based-in-the-U.K. series — such as Netflix's The Crown — to compete in the main categories.

The BAFTA TV Craft Awards are due to take place April 22 2018, with the BAFTA TV Awards on May 13.