BAFTA Announces 2012 Best Costume, Makeup Nominations Long List

47 FEA Film A Dangerous Method Keira Knightley Michael Fassbender H
Liam Daniel/Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

As artistically precise as a Zeiss lens.

Voting has already begun to narrow down this long list of 15 nominees to the final 5. That nomination list will be released on Jan. 12

The British American Film and Television Academy has announced their official long list for 2012 Best Makeup and Best Costume Design Awards

In alphabetical order, the costume nominees are Anonymous, (Lisy Christl), The Artist (Mark Bridges), Coriolanus (Bojana Nikitovic), A Dangerous Method (Denise Cronenberg), The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Trish Summerville), Harry Potter and the Deathly  Hallows - Part 2 (Jany Temime), The Help (Sharen Davis), Hugo (Sandy Powell), The Iron Lady (Consolata Boyle), J. Edgar (Debra Hopper) Jane Eyre (Michael O'Connor), Midnight in Paris (Sonia Grande),  My Week with Marilyn (Jill Taylor), Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (Jacqueline Durran), and War Horse (Joanna Johnston).

Denise Cronenberg describes her feelings to The Hollywood Reporter: "I enjoyed myself so  thoroughly on A Dangerous Method, but it just didn't occur to me after all these years in the business that that there would be this  kind of recognition. I am truly grateful and thrilled."

Trish Summerville, who created the Dragon Tattoo costumes for all the characters, including stand-out Rooney Mara as dark and edgy Lisbeth Salander, tells THR "How wonderful to have a primarily contemporary film be in the BAFTA long list," adding "It was such an amazing creative experience for me so I am thrilled people are enjoying the value of the film."

As you might surmise, the 15 makeup nominees (which also includes the hair departments) are the same films that are on the costume designer long list.

The initial long list is the result of the first round of voting on the 285 films entered this year and narrowing the list of films to 15 in each category. But round two voting has already begun that which will reduce these 15 to the final 5 nominations in each category. The short lists will be announced on Jan 17. The  BAFTA Orange Awards are held in London on Feb. 12. 

Making the long list does not constitute a nomination. But it's gotta feel pretty darn good. Congratulations to all the dedicated, talented and hard-working people in the costume, hair and makeup departments on all these amazing films. You truely are all winners.