BAFTA-Backed Sustainability Project Launches Green Rider for Actors

BAFTA Award - Getty - H 2017
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Through requests for such things as plant-based catering or low-energy lighting, the initiative is aimed as helping the film and TV industry transition to a carbon-neutral future.

Two years after Frances McDormand's Oscar acceptance speech significantly raised the debate around the diversity-focused inclusion rider, an environmental initiative is hoping to do the same for sustainability. 

Albert, the BAFTA, U.K. indie and broadcasters-backed project that since 2013 has calculated the carbon footprint of British TV programs as a way to encourage energy efficiency, has launched the Green Rider, a new agreement it says will help actors, their agents and casting directors ensure that more sustainability measures can be implemented on set. Through an actor's contract, the Green Rider enables requests such as plant-based catering, low-energy lighting, or for the production company to agree to a "zero to landfill" policy. 

Albert says the overall aim is to help the film and TV industry transition toward a carbon-neutral future. 

"To do that, every person on a production, from the producers to the runners, needs to know what they can do. The Green Rider is there to help actors, agents and casting directors so that they too can make a positive difference," said Aaron Matthews, head of industry sustainability for Albert.

"Actors and their agents, alongside casting directors, have a huge amount of influence, and they all want help to do more to make our carbon-intensive industry more sustainable," added Richard Wilson, CEO of casting platform Spotlight, which helped create the Green Rider with Albert. "The Green Rider gives them a framework and guidance for how to do this. We’re really excited to see how this is adopted by the industry and the positive changes it will bring about."

This year saw the BAFTA film awards ceremony go carbon neutral – and receive a mark of certification from Albert – for the first time. 

Following the launch on May 5, the Green Rider will be made freely available on Albert's website, and a series of webinars will take place with casting and talent networks to highlight how it can be used.