BAFTA Follows Academy, Shifts 2020 Film Awards Date

BAFTA Award - Getty - H 2017
Steve Finn/Getty Images


The 2020 BAFTAs will take place on Feb. 2, just one week ahead of the Oscars.

Four months after the Academy revealed that it was moving the date of the 2020 Oscars ceremony up by two weeks to Feb. 9, BAFTA has now made official what it had hinted at doing: it too is moving its film awards earlier. 

According to a statement released Tuesday, the 2020 BAFTAs will take place on Feb. 2.

The move ensures that the BAFTAs are still ahead of the Academy Awards – where they've been since the British Academy made the shift in 2001 – but it means the biggest film awards show outside the U.S. is now just one week earlier than the Oscars, rather than the usual two.

The move also means the ceremony won't clash with the Berlinale. 

The 2019 BAFTAs are set to take place on Feb. 10, two weeks ahead of the Oscars on Feb. 24.