Baldwin will join a couple for 'Bachelor'


Alec Baldwin has signed on to co-star in the Dane Cook-Kate Hudson starrer "Bachelor No. 2" for Lionsgate.

Penned by Jordan Cahan, the story centers on Tank (Cook), who is hired to take girls on horrible dates so they crawl back to the boyfriends they dumped. But he struggles with his libido and the meaning of friendship when his best pal needs his help with the girl who dumped him.

Howard Deutch will direct the film, which starts shooting next week in Boston.

Baldwin, who is up for an Emmy for his role on the NBC comedy series "30 Rock," is set to play Professor Thompson in "Bachelor." The actor, who recently sparked headlines when a hostile voicemail left for his daughter was leaked on the Internet, jettisoned CAA in April only to rehire the agency in May. He was not expected to take on any film projects before resuming his "30 Rock" duties this month.

In addition to his drawing critical raves for "30 Rock," Baldwin has appeared recently in such prestige films as "The Good Shepherd" and "The Departed."