Baleares islands to launch film commission


MADRID -- Spain's picturesque Baleares Island region is setting up the Baleares Film Commission to promote film production in the three Mediterranean islands, regional authorities said Tuesday.

The regional government and local municipalities are joining forces to launch the initiative, which is due for presentation in early spring.

According to the commission's director, Pablo Azorin, the commission seeks to facilitate shooting licenses by linking the various islands and municipalities under one umbrella.

"The commission will promote shoots by coordinating all of the municipalities and obtaining public licenses with reduced taxes," Azorin said.

Baleares, home to such tourist hot spots as Ibiza and Mallorca, recently was the location for Baleares director Daniel Monzon's "The Kovak Box," starring Timothy Hutton.

The commission is presently working on a guide to the professional services in the area, including the Baleares' two production services companies, Mallorca Estudios and Palma Pictures.