Balfour set in stone for Sci Fi's 'Gargoyle'


Eric Balfour has been tapped to star in "Rise of the Gargoyle," a two-hour telefilm that will air on Sci Fi Channel.

The telefilm, which RHI Entertainment is distributing internationally, centers on an ancient gargoyle monster whose terror is unleashed in modern-day Paris.

Balfour ("24") stars as Jack Richmond, a struggling author whose outlandish theories on pagan architecture make him the laughingstock of the academic world. But when Jack finds himself face to face in a demolished church with a live version of the stone gargoyles he's devoted his life to studying, no one believes his story.

"Gargoyle" co-stars Caroline Neron, Jason Salinger, Nick Mancuso and Tanya Clarke. The movie, said to be full of CGI and special effects, is shooting through month's end in Romania.

The telefilm, a co-production of Canada's Muse Entertainment and Romania's Mediapro Studios, is executive produced by RHI's Robert Halmi Sr. and Muse's Michael Prupas.

Bill Corcoran is directing the telefilm, while Pierre Jodoin is the director of photography. Francois Sylvestre and Andreea Stanculeanu are producing. (partialdiff)